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Advent 2019: Finding the Roads to Home

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Message: “Finding the Roads to Home”THE POINT: The people in the text guide us on our journey.

  • We are continuing our journey - we’re heading to the comfort of being with the Savior.
  • When you begin the journey, one of the first things we think about is the transportation and also how we intend to direct it.
    • Riding a train or a plane: you are moving point to point.
    • And if you are using one of those, it’s more than likely you’ll have to then get a car to move to your final destination.
    • Maybe you’ll rent a car, but there’s also a chance you take a cab or maybe grab an Uber.
    • For those of you that haven’t done that, here’s how it works...
  • John our Uber Driver
    • Imagine if you’re looking to head home, exhausted from your journey, and here rolls up your driver.
    • You saw his name was John. Seemed super popular as a driver, highly rated. You see him, and realize that before you couldn’t make out his outfit. He seems a little rough around the edges. He’s snacking on something, maybe it’s a bug? But, you’re not one to judge, so you get in.
    • You say you need to head a specific direction - you know this path, you’ve been here before. And what does he do? NO. YOU CAN’T GO THAT WAY! YOU HAVE TO RECONSIDER!
    • Who does this guy think he is? You just want him to take you where you need to go! In your wisdom, you let him know that, well, he might be wrong. And he calls you a viper! You are venomous to him! You will inject poison! And, moreover, he tells you that you knowing this area means not much of anything - people visit here all the time, they can get to know it pretty well too. You’ve already given him one star and are ready to report him.
    • But then he tells you there’s a better way to home than the one you’re accustomed to. That there’s something more out there - almost unimaginable. A place where your family is. Better roads, more beautiful scenery. You still are probably going to give him one star, but maybe you’re intrigued if you’re not too scared.
    • And he’s right. And as you journey with him you feel something almost familiar to him. He takes you home finally, and says don’t worry about the payment. He’s already received his reward in full.
  • Our companions on the journey.
    • We talk a lot about how this journey towards home doesn’t have to be done alone. We talk a lot about the people beside us. But there are people who have gone before us too.
    • Romans today reminds us of that - our Scripture isn’t just a rule book or an instruction manual, or even a GPS. But instead, it is the stories of hundreds of people - good, bad, and otherwise - who are living in response to God.
    • Each of these people can be as close to us today as the person driving us home. The one teaching a class, or fixing a meal. Advent invites us into a unique opportunity not to just see these folks as artifacts in history, but friends in faith being brought alive again. After all, that’s why we celebrate a baby being born over and over again.
    • Sometimes it requires a wholesale reconsideration of our ways - John demands that from us. David demonstrates it. It could be the boldness of Abraham, or Moses. It could also be the boldness of them within their fear. But, as Christians, if we believe that the center of our faith is this one John is saying is coming, then perhaps each of these characters comes with us, too. Perhaps the “great cloud of witnesses” that gets talked about is heading to where we’re going. That maybe it’s not a straightforward journey - it requires U-turns and recalculations and pulling out the map again and again. But we can head that way, and we have examples along the way.



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