These are a collection of sermons as well as eulogies that I have presented from 2013 to today.

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Not Looking Hard Enough

The borderlands are a thin place. Gloria Anzaldúa says they're “a psychic, social, and cultural terrain that we inhabit, and that inhabits all of us.” She writes that while borders “are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish us from them … ” a “borderland is a vague and undetermined place created by the emotional residue of an unnatural boundary … the prohibited and forbidden are its inhabitants.” So what does it mean when Jesus meets people in the borderlands? How are their identities changed? We explore that with the ten lepers today.

10.02.22: You Did Good, So What?

We had quite a week at SJPC last week. Not only did we prep for World Communion and Ian, but we also had an immigrant family show up on our doorstep, and we had a chance to care for them on Friday. It's easy to pat ourselves on the back for these kind of things, but in the gospel today, we're challenged to reconsider. Sometimes in our journey, we'll called just to do the things asked of us just because it's the thing we're supposed to do. However, when we do them, we can be amazed by the results.

Sermon Madness IV: Showing Grace and Mercy To Others

Rounding out our Sermon Madness series today, we turn to John and the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet to understand showing Grace and Mercy to Others. There's a great little saying that's used for grace and mercy: Grace is giving people what they don't deserve, and mercy is not giving people what they do deserve. But that all hinges on "deserve," a word closely related to worth. In a world that so often index worth to production, we can treat grace and mercy like something to be earned. But Jesus shows otherwise, even to the protest of Simon Peter. But in order for grace and mercy to really occur, we have to somehow receive it ourselves with a new sense of "deserving."

Sermon Madness III: Christianity and Patriotism

Almost taboo amongst the more genteel sort, we don't tend to talk about the confluence of Christianity and Patriotism. That silence leads to limited examination at times. Or, it means that those who are particularly loud get to run the show - a little like Mean Girls. Could it be that really, we've lost the balance of what we offer to the state and what we offer to God? Luke 20 opens up that conversation, and we consider patriotism through that lens.

Sermon Madness 2022, Vol II: Romans 8:28

A single verse is always a risky enterprise. Prooftexting can steer people into some awful directions. So when the request for a single passage came up in this year's bracket (and one so often used in some not-so-great ways), it was an extra challenge. But, God invites us into active participation to the very best. Put another way, Romans 8:28 says: "...and our experiences already demonstrate to us that everything that ever has been, is, and will be, works with Good towards the very good, and those who love Good and can't help but be drawn to Good join in the work."

Questions from the Outside: Are Your Priorities Right?

Put bluntly, churches often major in the minors. We place the priorities of secondary things above the primary. James reminds us that faith and works are intertwined and inseparable. If we're prioritizing appropriately, we will be relentless in our pursuit of good works (the public trust granted in covenant with God) to express the depth of our faith. To do otherwise should force us to question how meaningful our faith truly is. This wraps up our four week series, and Rev. Anderson will be off for three Sundays.

Questions from the Outside: What If I Don't Believe?

So this sermon may have been a bit more personal. After an appearance on WJCT's First Coast Connect, I (Adam) was reflecting on what it may feel like for those who aren't folks who are engaged with the church. What is it like to hear a pastor say that believing that Roe vs. Wade being overturned is something to be celebrated and to think otherwise is "wicked." Well, I think it gives folks real reason not to want to be a part of the church. And, like Pilate, it gives folks a reason to wash their hands of the whole enterprise. So we tackle this issue, untangling civic religion, the issues of celebrating a Supreme Court decision, and more.

Questions From The Outside: Can I Trust You?

We begin our first in a series of questions people who don't attend church are asking about the church. First up is "Can I Trust You?" We've given a lot of really good reasons to have folks not trust us: we talk big generic truths to hide other beliefs, we make the institution more important than the people. But what is it like to be willing to literally chop that off when it inhibits people from hearing the gospel story? We reflect on I Corinthians 9 and Mark 9 in this sermon.
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