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December 13, 2020

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  • Anticipation and hope; hope and peace; trust and joy
    • Think about my kids and their unabashed laughs
    • When Abe would start just roar when I would make quick breaths through my nose, Frankie and her "hi baby" routine
    • They just laughed without any concern about anything us but what was bringing them their joy
    • But, of course, they don't just always laugh... and that's the thing. Children's emotions seem more free, especially compared to an adults.
    • I wonder if that's because there's trust there. I know it's not the same for every child or every childhood, but our ideal would be that children experience the full range of emotions trusting it's safe, and because they can trust in that safety, it brings them more joy.
    • Trust and joy build each other up.
  • This Sunday, Gaudette Sunday, is meant to be the Sunday we celebrate joy.
    • But joy can be fleeting. The Crew won last night. I was elated. I still am. But that won't carry me to my grave.
    • M Volf: [Joy is] the emotional dimension of the good life, of a life that is both going well and is being lived well.
      • Which means sometimes it can not be going well, and might not be lived well.
      • There has to be a well that we can draw from. And here, in this Sunday, we're offered trust as a well.
  • Isa: Trust in the present and future joy
    • This time is Isa is when the people return from exile. Their lands were devastated, they were torn from them, and then...
    • The prophet was called to bring joy to the joyless (poor - better understood as "a state of wretchedness")
    • And was giving freedom to those who were bound (interesting to note both captives and prisoners - imprisonment from the outside and from their own deeds)
    • They're provisioned. They have what they need to be joyful.
    • And that there if future joy to be had.
  • Jn - hearing the story again
    • John leads us to believe that the Baptist was always part of the plan.
    • The baptist trusted too - there's someone to come... someone who, again, will change the world. Who when he announces his ministry, will unroll the scroll, find our Isa 61, and say he is that prophet.
  • If joy really is what Volf gives us - then the way we build the joy is to provision for life going well, and life lived well.
    • Going well - justice (freedom from captives)
    • Lived well - piety? (freedom from prisons)
    • And when we trust that this place, our community, can provision those things, then our foundation is secured.
    • And when that foundation is secured, we can be the one proclaiming - we have a space in which to be free to love the full range of what life offers us.


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