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September 27, 2020: Take It Up With Management

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  • This has become a bit of a joke now over the last few years - people who feel really strongly need to talk to the manager
  • At times, it’s totally appropriate, but others, you question the motives.
  • And what’s worse is when the person who gets yelled at first is the one that has the least control over what’s going on (the cashier) - it’s as though it’s less about the result of the complaint and more about the act of it. It feels a little better if we get a chance to let off some steam with someone who can’t do anything about it, and then seek our satisfaction elsewhere.
  • What is it that draws that kind of emotions up in us?
    • Exodus: It seems to be some knowledge of what was had.
      • Fleshpots and eating fill of bread. At least when we were slaves and killed by the Egyptians, at least we knew. At least we had control. But this - this we don’t know.
      • We don’t know what’s going to happen. We fear scarcity.
      • So they complain - they grumble. And they complain to the cashiers of Moses and Aaron apparently.
      • The truth ended up being however that the complaining was moot. God heard, and God provided.
      • God provides abundance to the beloved people.
    • Matthew
      • Matthew’s workers issue seems to be about scarity as well.
      • We all only have so much time to give, and so we want to be compensated for it.
      • And so the owner of the vineyard heads out every few hours and gathers some more folks to go work, with already the full intention of paying everyone equally whether or not they worked 8 or 1 hour. I might be upset too, given our current system, if I found out someone got paid the same amount for 1/8th the work.
      • However, the owner’s response is one of abundance as well. That there’s no need to index giving based on what work is performed, but instead, that all are given to generously. One’s worth is irrespective of what value they are to the owner.
  • Perhaps then, our complaints and our frustrations are because we believe far too easily in scarity. That there isn’t enough, and we must hoard what’s ours.
  • We can take it up with the cashiers, but they can’t do much. They are often themselves just as stuck in a system of scarcity as we are.
  • Instead, we need to take it up with the manager.
    • The manager is capable of hearing our complaints.
    • But we shouldn’t be surprised when the manager points out our scarcity and invites us into abundance.
  • The current and future moment.
    • The tendency now is to believe that everything is scarce, and it feels that way.
    • Not going to spend the whole month talking about departure, but that will be the same tendency, to feel like losing a pastor leads to scarcity.
    • Don’t give into the grumbling and complaining of the feelings that there isn’t enough. God will always provide.
    • It may not look like what we want - it may be dust on the ground, or may be given in ways we’re not excited about, but God will provide.

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